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Why blog? Why? — October 9, 2018

Why blog? Why?

Hey y’all!! Have you guys heard of the book Girl Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis? Well I’m in the process of reading that book right now! This book gave me the ass kicking that I needed to start out of the gate and blog! I’ve always talked about how I wanted to make a movie. Whenever something funny happens in my life I say out loud “that’s going in the movie”! Well guess what y’all instead of making a movie…why not start out small and write a book! I’ve always talked about writing a book as well. That’s why I’m here right now writing a blog to get my name out there so eventually I can write a book and people will want to read it! I hope people will want to read it because I promise you it will not be boring! The book I’ll write will be so fun you won’t want to put it down! For now though I’ll blog and be a blogger so maybe one day I can achieve my dream! How many of you out there are doing the same thing? Please comment! Like or dislike! I would like to achieve my dream and would like you to as well! Let’s build each other up!!

Where to Begin!?! — October 6, 2018

Where to Begin!?!

Let’s see where should I begin?!? I have always had a hard time with beginnings! In English classes the professors would always say to start out an essay with a thesis statement! Well that is my weakness, I do not have a thesis statement! I have always had a hard time beginning an essay or a paper but once I get started on that topic of an essay or a paper it seems like I cannot stop writing! This also holds true with the people I meet in life!

I have very few friends! Why? Do I make myself too available? Do I come across desperate? Am I too nice? The answer is I don’t know why. What I can tell you though is that I’m shy at first and I can come across stuck up because of that! I also have a tendency to finally get to know someone and then I think I scare them away, by talking too much. When I get excited I also have a stuttering problem! It’s really embarrassing actually, which is why I choose to write!

Sometimes I feel like I come across stupid or dumb because I do stutter! I don’t honestly believe I’m stupid and or dumb. I believe I am a smart lady that acts dumb so I can make friends! Ok, this is horrible why would I play dumb to make friends? So that somebody will feel sorry for me and be my friend? Let’s face it nobody wants to be friends with a dumb stupid person in today’s society. This is what makes me kind of special.

I have always wanted to be friends with everybody… every type of human! Why? Because everyone needs and deserves friends. I have always tried to live a great Christian life! How do I do this? I follow two rules: one if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all and two don’t judge a book by its cover! This is the same for humans I don’t judge a human by the way he or she dresses or acts. I don’t judge anybody, I like people for who they are! Why can’t I have the same respect from people? Why do people  not want to get to know me and why when they do get to know me do they not want to hangout or do anything?

I always get excited when making a new friend or a person whom I think is my friend. I always ask would you like to hangout sometime? I feel gay asking this question sometimes especially when I have to ask for their phone number so I can call or text them. (Does anyone else feel this way?) When I finally get the courage to ask if the person wants to hangout I either one don’t get a response or two I get a response of let me check my schedule. Im all like ok obviously I’m not good enough, they must think I’m stupid, dumb, and slow. I must be a nobody to them. The question now still remains how do I become a somebody?






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